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Car Skin

About Car SkinsPreparationThere is more to washing a car than meets the eye!The main objective of washing the car is to rid the bodywork of all contaminants while not damaging the existing quality of finish with scratches. Automated car wash machines may be quick and easy, but not only do they scratch paint and fail to clean certain areas, but they are a hugely wasteful in terms of water and electricity. Cleaning by hand with hose brushes and high-pressure cleaners is also likely to cause damage, especially to a classic car. The traditional route of using Chamois leather is also flawed, for it traps grit which in turn can scratch the car, while also leaving streak marks.The best option is to use a chenille wash mitt in combination with a powerful but… Read More


CODE CLEAN – DEALER PRODUCT TRIAL The Code Cleaning system has been developed over time to clean and protect your investment. Code products utilise a clever three step system thereby eliminating the usual use of a number of dissimilar and mismatched products in the hope of achieving a satisfactory results. What better way of proving how good the Code system is, than a product trial with 2 prestigious Classic Car Dealers and Restorers. So the plan was set, Jim Davison from Classic Motor Sales arranged for Cummings of Bodmin, from the UK and Silverhill International from Holland to all agree to run a trial with the system. Cummings of Bodmin – Richard Cummings “We decided to trial the Code Clean System against the current leading brand we use and it is safe to… Read More

Motoring Classics

Motoring Classics offers high quality and, wherever possible, British-made parts, accessories and lifestyle items of interest to the discerning classic car owner and enthusiast. Customers can browse the extensive web store or phone Motoring Classics for a more personal service and help with their purchase. Read More

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