Vintage Paris-Madrid 23rd-26th May 2013

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Entries for Paris-Madrid 2014 now being accepted.

Alastair Caldwell and Catriona Rings win inaugural Charles Jarrott Trophy

The course of the infamous 1903 Paris-Madrid race, halted  in Bordeaux after a series of terrible accidents, has been completed at last, thanks to H&H Classic Rallies.

At 0630 hours on May 24, exactly 110 years and three hours since the start of the original race, the 2013 Paris Madrid Rally was flagged away from Versailles as more than 50 pre-war cars set off on the 820-mile run to Madrid.

Led by the 1903 Mercedes of Tim and Chris Scott, the 52 rally crews were competing for the Charles Jarrott Trophy, in memory of Britain’s first motor racing champion, who was seeded No1 in the original 1903 race. Despite driving an untried de Dietrich car on dirt roads, Jarrott reached Bordeaux in fourth place at an impressive average speed of 87.39kmh (54.3mph), although  the ‘winner’, Ferdnand Gabriel, who started 168th, set an astonishing average of 98.05kmh (60.92mph) in his Mors, driving at speeds of up to 130kmh (80mph).

Adding to the sense of history surrounding the 2013 rally, Charles Jarrott’s great-nephew, Nigel Herring, was present to wave the starting flag at Versailles. The three-day event, which aimed to follow the original race schedule, rested at Angouleme on its first night and at Pamplona on the second, although the route was slightly modified; the course of the 1903 race is mostly motorway and dual carriageway today, so the rally followed more interesting and picturesque minor roads through France and Spain, with a series of special tests and average-speed regularity sections along the way.

From a field comprising no less than 18 marques and as many nationalities, the overall winners were Alastair Caldwell and Catriona Rings in their beautiful 1938 Alfa 6C, the most technically advanced machine on the rally. Second were Rudi and Helga Frederichs in their 1932 Alvis Speed 20 and third were Roland van Pelt and Olima Khaitova in their 1934 Bentley.

Genuinely touched by a sense of history, all the competitors enjoyed a memorable drive from Paris to Madrid with none of the controversy that marred the 1903 race. ‘It was a fabulous event,’ said Alastair Caldwell, after being presented with the Charles Jarrott Trophy by Simon Hope, Chairman of H&H Classic Rallies, at the gala dinner and prizegiving at the Ritz Hotel, Madrid.

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2013 Paris-Madrid Entries:

Listed below are a few of the people who put their names down to test their skills, along with the capabilities of their car on this three day 1300Km (815 mile) event.

Car No Entrant Name Co-Driver Nationality Make/Model Year Class
1 Tim Scott Chris Scott British Mercedes 60 HP 1903 Vet A
2 Paul-Emile Bessade Benjamin Bessade French Gladiator 1904 Vet A
10 Erich Hoop Peter Zoister Liechtenstein/Austria Brasier Race Car 1908 Vet B
11 Mike Howells David Greenwood British Buick 10 1910 Vet B
11 Sharon Hunter Carol Wells British
12 Juan Quintano Pierre Arnaud Spain Hispano-Suiza Alfonso XIII 1910 Vet B
14 Michel Laarman Maryan Greif Netherlands Knox Roadster 1911 Vet B
15 Jeff Robinson Glenda Robinson Australian La France 1919 Vet B
20 Peter Roberts Colin Beasley British Bugatti Brescia 1920 Vintage
21 Ronald Brons Rosanne Brons Netherlands Mathis GM Sport 1925 Vintage
22 Kjeld Jessen Hans Henrik Jessen Danish Bugatti T13 Brescia 1925 Vintage
23 Harry Jurgens Peter van de Zilver NL/American Buick Standard Six 1925 Vintage
24 Mark Hardy Judith Hardy British Rolls Royce 20 HP 1926 Vintage
25 Do Meeus Toon Meeus Dutch Bugatti 44 Cabrio 1927 Vintage
26 Neil Davies Joanna Davies British Bentley 4.5 1927 Vintage
27 Steve Hyde Janet Lyne British Stutz Corsica 1927 Vintage
29 Lennox Mc’Neely Mei Liu Canadian/Chinese Chrysler 75 1927 Vintage
30 Guy Northam John Vallance British Bentley 4.5 1928 Vintage
31 Maarten Hoeben Anja Hoeben Netherlands Riley Brooklands 1928 Vintage
32 Chris Lunn Nicola Lunn British Bentley 4.5 Le Mans 1929 Vintage
33 John Raker Melinda Raker British Ford Model A 1929 Vintage
34 Max Stephenson Julie Stephenson Australian Invicta 1929 Vintage
35 George Howitt Monique Rombouts British/Belgium  Rolls Royce P 1 1926 Vintage
36 Mattijs Diepraam Bruno de Regge Netherlands / Belgium Riley Brooklands Special 1928 Vintage
37 Jonathan Turner Adam Hartley British Bentley 3ltr Supersports Team Car 1925 Vintage
41 Robert Abrey Jane Abrey British Bentley 6.5 1930 Pre War
42 Jan Storm Aege Steensma Netherlands Talbot 90 1930 Pre War
43 Jonathan Procter Richard Procter British Bugatti Type 44 1930 Pre War
40 Anthony Cazalet Bill Ainscough British Invicta 1931 Pre War
44 Nigel Williams William L’Anson British Bugatti T51 1931 Pre War
45 Andrew Davies Anne Davies British Alvis Speed 20 1932 Pre War
46 Rudi Friedrichs Helga Friedrichs German Alvis Speed 20 1932 Pre War
48 Julian Bronson Heather Bronson British Riley Blue Streak Special 1934 Pre War
49 Roland van Pelt Stein van Pelt Netherlands Bentley 1934 Pre War
50 Otto van Blaricum Hiltje van Blaricum Netherlands Aston Martin MK II 1.5l 1934 Pre War
51 Thomas Weichenberger Tanja Weichenberger Austrian Citroen Rosalie 8A 1934 Pre War
52 Richard Cunningham Ed Mead British Lagonda M45 Tourer 1934 Pre War
53 Barry Cannell Helen Cannell British Alfa Romeo 6C 1934 Pre War
54 Wim Peters Nelly Peters Netherlands Lagonda M45 1934 Pre War
55 Jan Woien Jan Hansen Norwegian Alvis Speed 20/25 1935 Pre War
56 Ab van Egmond Theun Dommershuizen Netherlands Alvis Speed 25 1936 Pre War
57 Gerd Buehler Birgit Deymann-Buehler German Lagonda LG 45 Tourer 1936 Pre War
58 Paul Gregory Nick Savage British Invicta S Type 1936 Pre War
59 Peter Hall  Heidi Winterbourne British Delahaye 135 1936 Pre War
60 Steven Collins Simon Silver British Bentley Derby 1936 Pre War
61 Jean Steinhauser Anne Steinhauser-Collard Luxembourg Bentley Derby Open Tourer 1937 Pre War
62 Martin Mills Ian Whistondale British Bentley Derby Drophead 1937 Pre War
63 Xavier del Marmol Ines Bodner Belgian/Swiss Delahaye 135 M Convertible 1938 Pre War
64 Caroline Greenhalgh Tania Slowe British Alvis 1938 Pre War
65 Ronald Beckers Eduard Emde Netherlands Bugatti Type 64 1938 Pre War
66 Alastair Caldwell Catriona Rings British Alfa Romeo 6C 1938 Pre War
67 Giuseppe Redaelli Gianandrea Redaelli Italian Aston Martin C Type 1939 Pre War
70 Colin Heathcote Bren Unwin British Jaguar E Type 1972 Touring